Creating art work has been important to me for as long as I can remember. I grew up in Calgary, Alberta, and I love to travel and spend time outdoors camping and hiking. Two important things I remember about my love of art came from reading the book, PICTURE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ART, that my Mom gave me.   I fell in love with the pictures and appreciated the different styles of art. My next memory was finding a box of art supplies that belonged to my late uncle.  I still have his art book to this very day.  All I can remember was the excitement and joy that I felt creating the art work from the supplies “Found Under the Stairs”. This memory fuels my love of art. I love experimenting with different materials, colours and textures to create my designs. A lot of emotion and time goes into my work. It takes me years to finish some of my art work and I have many works on the go at all times. This is why I never want to part with the original.

My love of art brought me to the Alberta College of Art + Design right after high school and after two years I went into the Interior Design program at Mount Royal University. I currently work as an Artist as well as an Interior Designer.